Elisa Marchand

Chronic Hives Health Leader Elisa Marchand Elisa is a work-from-home wife and mom of four kids. In addition to being a Patient Leader, she is a travel agent specializing in travel for people with chronic health conditions. Elisa has dealt with chronic hives for the last few years, with her condition worsening alongside mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and severe eosinophilic asthma. Throughout her marriage to her husband, Chris, they have tackled thyroid cancer, Lyme disease, a child born with a rare tumor and spinal cord condition, and Elisa’s chronic illnesses. It’s been a wild ride! Through these challenges, they’ve come to understand the importance of community. Previous to her change in health, Elisa was a Physical Therapist Assistant specializing in women’s health. In both her former and current professions, Elisa’s passion has been to see people empowered through their struggles. When Elisa has the time, energy, and financial ability, you can find her at the beach. It’s where she feels the best, and hopes someday (sooner than later) she can move closer to the ocean.

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