Not just itchy skin: mental health, sleep, and the cost of chronic hives

Not Just “Itchy Skin”: Mental Health, Sleep, and the Cost of Chronic Hives

In our 1st Annual Chronic Hives In America Survey, 201 people shared how the unpredictability of outbreaks leaves them feeling “stuck in limbo.” Chronic hives are more than just itchy bumps on your skin. They disrupt sleep, are expensive to manage and treat, and have a significant impact on mental and emotional health.

Chronic hives were defined within the survey as an outbreak of hives, anywhere on the body, that last for more than 6 weeks, often without any identifiable cause.

Stuck in limbo

Chronic hives are unpredictable, making it challenging to know or plan for when they will go away – and nearly half of people with the condition never enter remission. This uncertainty leaves many people with chronic hives feeling like their overall health is out of their hands.

73% worry their hives will never go away. 63% are anxious about unpredictability, and 15% feel in control of their health.

Treatment affordability is key

Affordability of chronic hives treatment is extremely important to those impacted by the condition. However, more than a quarter of respondents say they are unable to afford the cost of treatment. This can lead to financial burden for both people living with the condition and their families. It may also force some people to forgo treatment for their chronic hives if they cannot afford it.

The Cost of Hives. 39% are unable to afford treatment, and 74% say affordability is very important for treatment decisions.

Sleepless nights

More than half of our respondents say chronic hives significantly impact their ability to sleep and feel rested the next day. Sleep is important for overall health and wellness, and should not come at the cost of staying up at night scratching itchy hives.

51% say chronic hives have a significant negative impact on their ability to sleep.
More than 50% are interested in learning more about chronic hives symptoms.

The 1st Chronic Hives In America Survey was conducted online from January 2022 through March 2022. The survey was completed by 201 people.

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