What's in My Chronic Hives Emergency Kit?

I'm sure you've heard the expression, "Expect the unexpected," which applies to life with chronic hives. The word "chronic" is misleading. The hives aren't always there but decide to rear their ugly faces whenever and wherever they please.

Something that triggers hives one day won't the next, and an activity you've done 100 times without issue suddenly wreaks havoc.

Packing a chronic hive emergency kit

This summer, I'm sharing thoughts and ideas regarding traveling with chronic hives. It occurred to me that I should be prepared for my hives to appear at any time in the summer. I especially want to be ready for them while traveling away from home. This summer, I've assembled an emergency hive kit. Here's what's in my bag!

What's in my hives emergency kit?

I am lucky to be in remission from my hives, but I know they could pop back up at any moment.


My medication regimen for chronic hives is pretty basic right now. Many of my medicines are crossovers from other conditions, which is convenient (but having multiple health conditions isn't convenient).

High doses of Zyrtec are the only thing I'm currently taking that's specific to my hives. I've packed steroids in case of a flare. Steroids are a no-brainer. As much as we may hate that word, there are times when a short course of steroids is necessary. The other medication I've packed is an antihistamine, something like Benadryl, and maybe some extra famotidine.

Topicals and creams

I think the "big guns" would be products I can apply to my skin to soothe the hives directly. When I get hives, my skin gets really, really dry, so I need to have some lotion that I can put on right away. I pack body lotion in my emergency kit. My favorite brand of gentle body lotion is Cetaphil.

Steroid creams are another product packed in my bag. It's not an ideal way to soothe hives, but it's great to have handy when traveling. I have a wide variety of steroid creams that are different strengths. For a trip, I would bring both mild and strong steroid creams.

Benadryl spray is something else I keep on me most of the time. This topical spray can target any histamine on the skin's surface, which causes itching. And it's good for bug bites, which everyone gets during summer.

Skin soothers

Finally, I pack products that cool my skin. Biofreeze leaves a cooling sensation when applied. It smells good too! And if the artificial cold doesn't work for you, keeping a small ice pack on hand can also be helpful.

My hives feel hot and irritated, so putting ice on them makes my skin feel better and removes some of the burning feeling.

Traveling this summer with chronic hives

Although it takes some planning, you can have a successful trip while dealing with hives or being prepared for a flare up. Are you planning a trip this summer? What do you consider when you are packing while dealing with chronic hives or other conditions?

What else would you add to your hives emergency kit? Share your ideas in the comments!

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