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I Tried Red Light Therapy for My Hives

Recently I heard from a friend that she had this wonderful facial treatment done at a local spa and how she had put on an infrared mask to fight fine lines and wrinkles for anti-aging. My first thought was, “Aging? How can we be that old?”.

My second thought was complete interest in red light therapy and how that could be of help to many skin conditions, including chronic hives. I immediately asked my friend for the number to the spa, of which she obliged.

Searching for a solution

After doing a little research on my own, it seems like there are many potential benefits for women in general looking for health improvement including reduction of anxiety or depression, better sleep, improving fertility health and mental acuity. But most importantly I was interested in how it could help me and my chronic hives and possibly my skin after a flare up.

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Could this be the solution for prevention? It seems that red light therapy not only helps with skin health and collagen production but it could also help in keeping inflammation down and support and accelerates wound healing while still improving cellular health.

As skin is our largest organ that we tend to forget, I was more than surprised to hear that the red light therapy could be actually beneficial to our skin and is not that expensive of a treatment. I thought I would give it a go.

Red light therapy

So I set an appointment for my own facial. I let my technician know that I suffered from chronic hives and that day I had some that were on my brow line and sides of my face. She walked me through the procedure and let me know that it was a painless set time of around 20-30 minutes and did not get hot or overwhelming.

My main concern was would the infrared therapy give me a sunburn like a normal tanning bed. She assured me that it would not and in fact it would heal versus damage your skin. So with some calming music in the background, I laid under the red lights and focused on healing. I focused on the sounds of the music, and the fact that the light was doing all the work. I was hopeful.

After about 20 minutes my technician came back in and turned the lights off. When I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror my skin actually looked better. While I know it isn’t immediate and probably a bit optimistic I did notice that my hives had gone down and some had disappeared.

My view on red light therapy is that it works for me. I think chronic hives are so different for so many people. And without trying something new, we will never know what works for us. I will go again to keep up with the treatments but I am interested to know if anyone else has tried it and it’s worked for them. I’ll keep you posted on my results!

Has anyone else tried red light therapy for chronic hives? Is this something you have heard about before? Share your experiences below!

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