An open freezer with skin-cooling items in them, such as a cool mist fan, clothing, cold showers, aloe, ice water, and cooling sheets.

Hives and Heat: Clothing and Bedding Tips

Summer time, is the time for fun and adventure, right? Not me! For me summer is a time of itchiness and hives. Heat is actually one of my biggest triggers. I have to be careful in the sun, a hot tub, hot bath, shower. Basically anything involving heat.

So heat is a trigger… but you live in Florida?!! Weird I know. Since living down here, and having absolutely brutal summers, I’ve had to find things that help ease the discomfort of my hives. How can one manage such itchiness when it’s heat induced? Well, it’s not the easiest. Lots of A/C, cooling towels, ice water. Finding ways to stay cool can be interesting.

Easing the discomfort of hives

So what have I found that works? A few things actually!

  • Cooling towels
  • Cooling mist fans
  • Moisture wick clothes
  • A/C
  • Cool showers
  • Oatmeal baths
  • Ice water
  • Ice packs
  • Cool aloe gel

Some of those may seem like a no brainer. You’d think that, but i’m stubborn and had to learn a few of them the hard way! I’ve also had to learn absolutely NO theme parks during the summer months. This way I don’t run the risk of causing a flare up. I’ve done that before, and it was a rough few weeks until the hives calmed back down. It took a lot of medicines, cool baths, and aloe gel to help. I was so uncomfortable and miserable for weeks.

Breathable fabrics

Some fabrics, plus heat can flare it up. I try to wear breathable fabrics, styles that won't trap heat. No matter how cute the outfit may be, if it's too hot, I won't wear any heavy fabrics. I think it's not talked about enough regarding the different fabrics and how some tend to hold heat in, which for some of us, triggers some flares. Wool is an awful fabric to wear in hot months, absolutely awful.

So what are some good fabrics to wear during hotter months? Well I've done some research and found the following list:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Chambray Fabric
  • Tencel
  • Poplin
  • Rayon

Cooling fabrics

So we've covered clothes.. but what about bedsheets? That's important! We need to know which fabrics are the coolest, and least likely to retain heat. I've personally loved a few different brands and sets.

I've used the following brands/sheets often, and love them.

  • Brooklinen
  • Eucalyptus Origins
  • Nestl Sheets

I'm very very picky about my sheets, so I try to find the best ones that will help keep me cool. There's several brands I've found, that I haven't had a chance to try yet. Here's just a small list:

  • PeachSkin Sheets
  • Sheex
  • Giggles and Sheets
  • Sijo Sheets
  • Boll and Branch Sheets

Not one size fits all

This list I've compiled through research into cooling sheets, or sheets that won't retain body heat. Not only that, but they have to be incredibly soft for my sensitive skin. The last thing any of us want is to get into bed and sleep on scratchy sheets. None of us want that, not at all.

Summer time can be a time for adventure, road trips, beaches, lakes, lots of outdoor activities. This can be incredibly hard for those of us that have heat as a trigger for our hives, or really where it's a trigger for any condition, or symptoms. This small guide can help with clothing and bedding. Can help you feel not so alone in your journey with chronic hives. I think many of us forget we're not all one size fits all. We're all so different, but together we're a community.

What are some tips and tricks you've learned in beating the heat with chronic hives? Share below!

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