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Ask the Patient Leaders: Chronic Hives & Diet Changes

Many people living with chronic hives can be triggered by different foods in their diet. Certain food groups can be off-limits, while others may be considered safe. But it can very person to person, and not everyone has the same experience. You can even try getting tested by your doctor to see if you have a specific food allergy.

Unfortunately, there is not always a reliable answer for which foods could be triggering your chronic hives.

So we asked our patient leaders: Do you partially manage your chronic hives through diet? What foods/drinks are usually "safe" for you?

Response from CJ

I avoided gluten and soy for a while after discovering that they caused me to break out in hives. During that time, I was able to eat meat, fruit, and vegetables. When I want fried foods, I batter them in almond flour and fry them in coconut, olive, or peanut oil.

Despite giving me some relief, avoiding these foods made it difficult for me to enjoy eating out with my family because most foods contain gluten or soy. Often, I would order steak, broiled seafood, steamed vegetables, or a salad. This led to mental health issues and eventually orthorexia, a disordered eating disorder. Now, three years later, I can consume gluten and soy products safely as long as I take daily allergy medication.  

Response from Ambre

I have severe gastroparesis, and interesting motility issues. As a result, most of my nutrition is done via TPN. I really can only eat soft, mushy things. So, for me diet hasn’t really played a role either way in managing my chronic hives.

Oddly potatoes and eggs are my safest foods. I also tolerate Pepsi and sweet tea really well. I’ve also discovered that soft serve ice cream is absolutely the best. So many different ways to cook potatoes.

I will say, sometimes I do get tired of only eating potatoes. Though I will confess that I love McAlister’s giant spuds, especially with red onions and roasted peppers. It may sound off, but that’s one of my favorite things to eat.

Response from Andressa

I have done different food tests and I wasn’t allergic to anything. But I have tried different diets even though I knew I wasn’t allergic. I have stopped eating meat, fish, shrimp, peanuts, sweet things, snacks, and much more things for months. Without any success.

When it comes to drinks I have stopped drinking sweet things, but without any success either.

Have you tried managing your chronic hives through diet changes? What foods/drinks have you found to be triggering? Any favorite chronic hives related recipes? Share with us below!

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