What's In Your Toolbox?

If you hear the word toolbox the first thing that probably comes to mind is a plastic or metal carrying box or case that holds a nice supply of often used tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and maybe a measuring tape. Or, in my case, I think of a giant industrial sized toolbox that has every tool invented, in triplicate (because you never know when one will break). Because that is what is in my husband's garage. Maybe two? But we would have to undertake that issue in a different article.

Chronic hives toolbox

The toolbox I want to discuss today is a health toolbox for chronic hives. I have one at home and one always stocked for traveling. While I have many chronic illnesses and my toolbox has drawers pertaining to each one, I want to share what I use to help with my chronic hives. Everyone's toolbox will be different based on what works for them.

Basic tools

One thing I have used for years is a generic clear itch lotion.  I live in Kansas and we have mosquitos, chiggers and now oak mites. I of course get bit by all of them. So this lotion can help relieve the insect bites and sometimes helps calm the hives. I keep several bottles on hand.

They always say to not scratch when you itch. But I mean seriously? It really itches! I discovered an amazing small, retractable backscratcher. It is so awesome I bought several to put in every room of my house, my purse, my car and any other place I could think of. My dog even has one and loves being massaged with it. And all 6 grandkids needed one too. I tell you they are incredible.

Fans are another thing that provide a lot of relief for my hives. I have several small, rechargeable handheld ones. They work great, especially if I am outside for any length of time. We also have fans in every room of our house, including our screened porch. My hives are currently heat induced so I always need a fan nearby.  And air conditioning too, except for winter.

Other tools

There are so many other types of tools that can be used to help live a better quality of life with chronic hives. Getting good rest and taking time to relax is so important. One of my favorite activities, weather permitting, is sitting in our screened porch relaxing and watching the birds. I never imagined myself becoming a bird watcher but it is quite therapeutic and fun!

Many find meditating, prayer or just quiet time will help calm the mind and body. Listening to music, watching television, reading, favorite hobbies and light exercise are some ideas that can be added to your toolbox.

Travel toolbox

As I previously mentioned, I do have a travel toolbox. It is a bag that is always packed and ready to go.  We live in a small town and nearly all larger towns are 2 hours away. Except for my primary care doctor and my dentist I have to travel 2 hours to see all my specialists. So this bag always goes with me.

I told one of my grandsons recently the bag had almost anything he would ever need. He asked "money?" Well, everything but that! But I do keep it stocked with a variety of things including medications, bandaids, pens and paper, dental floss, a hair brush, and of course a backscratcher!

The important thing to remember is everyone should have a toolbox for their chronic hives. However, each one will be different and unique. It can take time to figure out what to put in your toolbox and sometimes it will need to be cleaned out and restocked with something different. But I do highly suggest an amazing backscratcher!

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