My Last Hope

In my previous articles, I have written about the frustrations during a period when I was looking for answers because so much was happening to my body for which I had no explanation.

By now the allergist had indicated that I have chronic hives and that there are different treatment methods. We have tried several treatment plans with pills to control the itching and red "eruptions", but unfortunately without success.

The attack

Each time, the number and frequency increased, but the itching, burning, and red eruptions kept coming. It is very unpleasant to be itching all the time. It feels like your body is fighting against something and eventually you are so tired that you only want to sleep when you have had such an "attack". I say attack because it really feels like an attack on your own body. And at some point, your body is exhausted and can no longer fight.

Eat, itch and sleep!

The worst part is that sometimes I feel it coming, because then my body starts burning in a really strange way, and I can't do anything to stop it. It is then powerless to "watch" how my body is deteriorated and then sleep. At a certain point, the allergist noticed that it was no longer bearable. So I decided to switch to the injection.

During my last visit, I received a brochure with information about a good medicine that would probably help against chronic hives. It felt a little scary to start with because it feels so final when you get an injection, it's more like your "last hope". I was allowed to get 2 injections every month. One on the left arm and one on the right arm.

The miracle cure would eliminate all complaints. No more rashes, itching, and no more burning sensations. It went much better. I dared to look in the mirror again. It felt like a new body, a bit of a rebirth. Because by now I was so used to all the unpleasantness that I now felt really new. It was quite a beautiful time.

I slowly regained energy, felt like doing fun things again, and enjoyed my beautiful body. No stains, no itching, and no "fight within".

How much faith do we need?

Every month I faithfully went to the allergist to get my injections and I was sure it was over for good now. I could put my jewelry back on, my watch, rings, because I couldn't put them back on when it was this bad.

I had so many triggers: jewelry, clothes that were too tight, and even my bra was a trigger. So now I could at least enjoy my beautiful jewelry again.

I've been very faithful to the allergist to get my injections, but after about 5 months I noticed my symptoms came back. My treatment plan was that I had to go back every 4 weeks for my two injections. So I had to be symptom-free for 4 weeks. Unfortunately, I noticed that I started to get complaints again well before those 4 weeks was over.

It again became a discussion with the allergist, because at some point he wanted to increase the frequency. Instead of having two injections every 4 weeks, he now wanted to give me two injections every two weeks. And I needed time for that. I wanted to think about that for a while. Because if those injections no longer work properly, who's to say that every two works will be more effective?

Have you tried injections to treat your chronic hives? Share your experience in the comments below!

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