A woman looks shocked as her doctor reads her diagnosis aloud from her medical paperwork

It's All About The Name: Scratching For Answers

After a long search for answers, I finally visited the allergist. After doing allergy tests through lab work, it turned out that I don't have an allergy. "But!" Said the allergist, we can do another skin test. That But! gave me hope.

I was allowed to sit in a room and wait for the nurse. A very kind nurse came to me and put me at ease. She explained what she would do and that it might feel a little strange. She actually started scratching my skin to find out if I'm allergic to something.

Desperate for allergies

The "material" she had scratched off went onto a small glass plate and within a very short time I was told, "Negative!". Still not allergic. It may sound very strange, but I was so desperate during this period to be allergic to something. Because that would mean that I could influence my skin condition.

With great pleasure and ease, I would stop eating or drinking that particular thing. Or maybe even have to switch soaps. After all the allergy tests, I was presented with various medication options. Each drug had its own side effects, and one of the most troublesome side effects was the feeling of sleepiness.

Some medicines made me very tired, and grumpy, and I got quite out of balance. It was a bit of a mixed bag because I was still worried, I felt very insecure, I was afraid. I thought it was scary and I had to drink medicines that are actually intended for allergies, even though I don't have an allergy.

I didn't understand the logic of those allergy medications. It made no sense to me! Because how can you fight something that isn't there and expect it to help?

Do you understand? I do not understand!

So with this, I went back to the allergist. Still convinced he would give some more logical explanations this time. "Those allergy medicines didn't help doctor, because I don't have an allergy!"

More drugs!

His solution was to add more drugs! How is that possible?! The number of medicines was doubled and I had to go back after two weeks. Unbelievable but true!

If you're reading this article, I think you'll understand that I was totally frustrated! Because the past few months were just "trying" and nothing helped.

After those two weeks, I went back to the allergist, and this time I told him that I will not drink any more medication because I feel like a mummy. I have a child, and all I do all day is sleep and be grumpy.

The allergist gave me a nice folder and said "Because none of the normal allergy medicines have helped, we're going to do something else". I was allowed to take that folder home, read it carefully and call for an appointment when ready.

My last hope

That folder also had a number of the organization behind this product, and I was allowed to speak with the nurse of the company. The folder was my last hope! Because according to the allergist, this was the remedy that would relieve me of my hives.

During this conversation, he dropped the words “Chronic urticaria or also chronic hives”. I started to ask a lot questions:

“Chronic hives”?
"What is that?"
“How do I get it”?
"Is it hereditary?"
“Is it contagious?”
"Is it serious?"
“Chronic means long-term, does that mean long-term?”
"Is it ever going to end?"

This time the allergist was a little better prepared for my questions, because his answer came out quite confident. It seemed like I saw him practice in front of the mirror!

"What questions will she ask? And what shall I tell her this time!"

And then he answered: “Chronic urticaria doesn't always have a cause, it usually develops and you may never know where it came from. You're going to have to live with it, and we're going to try to treat it with these new drugs.”

The power of a name

Was I satisfied with the answer? No! But at least it now had a name, and I could go back to reading what it was on the internet. Unfortunately, sometimes the internet is the only way out when you feel despondent and distraught.

I went home with my folder and my new words “Chronic Urticaria - Chronic Hives”.

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