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I Moved, and My Hives Got Angry

I recently moved. While I was excited, it seems my hives were not! Not only did I move, but I ran out of my antihistamine. This unfortunately caused me a flare up. Which in the midst of moving has been awful. How did this happen? Well it’s kind of two fold!

Stress and chronic hives

First, stress is a trigger for my hives. I was under tremendous stress preparing and coordinating my move. I was overthinking things, and making sure I had all the necessities purchased, I had help moving, coordinating my son’s school schedule and then moving day! The stress of it all caused me to lose track of my medicine and run out. I should have been on top of it, I shouldn’t have risked running out. Especially while under so much stress.

I had to take it easy and get things back under control asap! It’s taken a bit and luckily the flare up wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I’m very grateful for that. However, there’s some things I need to keep better track of so I don't run out of medicine.

Triggers and flares

Settling into a new place, unpacking all while dealing with a flare up is just uncomfortable. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it by any means, LOL. I also haven’t been paying attention to the temperature of my bath, which (heat) is another trigger. Basically, I haven’t been paying close enough attention to things around me and my triggers that can cause a flare up.

How did I lose sight of it? How did I forget to put myself first so I don’t have this happen? Well, stress! And moving and coordinating so many things. It all just kind of spiraled and I lost track. I think we’re all guilty of this at times. I know I am not the greatest at putting myself first. I think as a mom that happens far too much. I have to take care of myself, so I can be there for my son.

I share this story, just as a reminder, we’re human. Even as contributors, we lose track of things and can fall into a flare up. Sometimes of our own doing. I am working to get a better system in place so in the midst of tremendous stress, I don’t lose track of things that are absolutely imperative to my well being.

Has a life event such as moving ever triggered your chronic hives? Do you forget to put you and your health first when life gets in the way? Please share with us below if you can relate to Ambre's experience!

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