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How It All Started: Looking for the Answers

Do you know the feeling where you feel ashamed when something happens to your body and you can't answer when people ask you what's going on? A feeling of insecurity, fear, shame but above all incomprehension.

I have felt very insecure for months, and have tried everything to get rid of the feeling. It started with a strange itch, weird red spots all over my body. And sometimes even feels like my body is on fire. Every time I went to the doctor I got allergy tablets or I had to hear that I was stressed. We had extensive conversations about stress. For the doctor it seemed the only way out and the only answer to all my questions.

"But doctor, I've never had this feeling before."
"Never before such an itch and weird spots."
"How come my whole body is literally on fire?"
“I have lived under stress so many times and this has never happened to me.”
“How can you free me from this?”

Millions of questions I asked the doctor. Unfortunately without a satisfactory answer. At a certain point, I couldn't take it anymore, and was referred to an allergist. Then the journey began.

Welcome to my journey

Prepared with all the photos and videos, I went to the allergist. I was so frustrated because nothing helped and the itch became unbearable.

"It's like you feel it coming, first a kind of burning sensation all over my body and then the red spots on my body burst and I can't stop it."

I shared my frustrations with the allergist. With tears in my eyes waiting for the redeeming answer and remedy so that I feel better the next day and all itching is gone.

Unfortunately, that “next day” never came. There were answers and medicines, but not the ones I wanted. On the contrary, the following days got longer, the itching got worse and the burning sensation was now part of my "reddish itchiness attack".

It's coming!

At one point I was able to say exactly to my husband, “It's coming!”. I can't put it into words very well, but I think that this feeling is recognizable to those who deal with this on a daily basis. The conversations with the allergist became quite intense. I had too many questions and he had no answers.

I started reading more on the internet about that weird rash and burning sensation. If you want a death sentence, you have to search the internet for your symptoms, and then you almost certainly have a very serious illness. So I stopped looking up my symptoms and went back to the allergist who became despondent with me I guess.

In the office

Our first conversation still feels like it was yesterday. I was sitting in his office, my phone in my hand with all the photos and videos. Because it was important to me that he would see something and then immediately know what it was. Based on my pictures and videos, he suggested doing some allergy tests.

I had to test for meat allergies, peanuts and nuts, fish, shrimp, and a few other things. On my second visit, I got the results. No allergy!

Do you want to know how the journey goes with my sweet allergist? Then read my next article soon!

Have you or a loved one met with an allergist like Andressa? How did the experience go? Share with us below!

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