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Preparing for the Heat and Chronic Hives

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same but I used to love it when summer hit. School was out, vacations were in and there was this sense of freedom and ease that fell over me. This has shifted a bit more since my diagnosis of Chronic Hives.

I now have a bit more of a fear of heat, humidity, and flare-ups that make it even more difficult to enjoy the warmer weather. I live in Washington D.C. where the summers can be brutal. On top of the heat, we travel on Metro trains and public transit when crowds can exacerbate the heat making it more noticeable than you’d think. Because of this, I thought it may be useful to put together a list of helpful products or brands that could assist in keeping your swelling and hives at bay or the very least manageable. Now, this list may be more focused on women with hives but, some of the same preparations can be used for men as well!

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Picking the right clothes for heat and hives

One thing that has helped me in preparing for the summer heat and high temperatures is making sure I have myself stocked and ready. First things first, I always make sure that my clothing is light and airy. Some of my favorite fabrics include linen, cotton, or even gauze. These light fabrics keep my skin from getting too hot and also keep air moving between layers. Clothing like athleisure leggings and tighter pants can cause my hives to flare up even more due to the heat and skin friction. Some of my favorite brands that don’t break the bank are Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, and Madewell.

Keeping products light

Another thing that I find makes the difference is the makeup I choose to wear. While I want to cover up any hives that may have made their way up to my face or neck, I also don’t want a thick concealer or cover-up that melts off my face in the insane heat. I like to stick with light-tinted moisturizers that give coverage but also give me the full face of makeup I like to wear while keeping my skin healthy. Some of my favorites include Stila, Laura Mercier, and Maybelline Ultra Stay Foundations. If you can find the right coverage that fits your needs, it will make all the difference.

Staying cool with chronic hives

Finally, I also make sure to keep cooling packs on hand for when I feel swelling or itching coming on. Portable ice packs, cooling towels, and fans are insanely helpful when the humid air hits and I am starting to feel the itch. Benadryl also makes a clear gel topical for itching when it gets hot that includes aloe and some hydrocortisone to help, Just be sure to check it doesn't interact with any biologics or medications you already may be taking.

As summer rears around the corner, be stocked and ready. Don’t let the fear of heat and hives keep you from enjoying as much outside time with your friends and family as you can!

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