Heat or Sun Induced Hives- Ready to face the summer

My hives reared their ugly heads a few years ago and worsened during summer. Any time I would go outside and get overheated, my face would swell exponentially. I managed through the summer but did not receive my diagnosis until the following spring. Heading into the following summer, I was surprised I did not get the same reaction when I overheated. I was thrilled not to have to deal with such severe heat intolerance again. It’s been a few years since that awful summer, and I always get anxious during this time of year when the summer months are just around the corner. Because my hives are so unpredictable, as I’m sure yours are too, I never know when I will face another horrible summer. (Pun fully intended)

Sun burn or hives?

Well, I think that summer is finally here. A few weekends ago, I went up to my parent’s farm. It’s a few hours away, so I don’t get there often, but when I do, I bask in the peace and calm the farm has to offer. I love to sit out on the front porch of the log cabin in a rocking chair and soak up the outdoors…the sound of the creek running through the front yard, the birds singing and horses neighing, and the wonderful aroma of the flower garden. (Yes, it’s as wonderful as it sounds! And no, I won’t share it with you! ;) )

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So I sat in the sun for the afternoon, enjoying every minute of fresh air. It was so wonderful. Later that evening, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed my knee was a bit itchy. And then itchy and felt like it was sunburned even though I hadn’t been out in the sun THAT long. As I changed into my pajamas, I saw one gigantic hive covering the top of my knee. It was unmistakable. But by the next morning, it had gone just as quickly as it came.

The uncertainty of the summer sun

It was a birding season at the farm. All the little bird mommies and daddies were in the birdhouses with their chirpy little babies. I sat out on the back patio for a long time, just watching the bluebirds bring bugs and worms to their little ones.

I wondered if it would happen again if I developed hives after being out in the sun for the second day in a row. As I sat outside watching the birds, I wondered if this would be the summer when the heat-induced hives would return.

After sitting out for an hour, I noticed my face was hot and sunburned like the hive had the day before. But the strange thing was, my face hadn’t been in the sun at all. My back was to the sun the whole time. Yet somehow, my face was bright red and felt as though it had been burned. It, too, passed almost as quickly as it appeared. And I am happy to report that I didn’t have any more hives, though.

But what in the world? One day with hives, another with a not sunburned, burned face? But without a doubt, the not-quite summer sun and heat are already messing with my body. As Memorial Day approaches, I wonder what this summer will bring. What kind of hives and sunburns will I face again this summer? Will I be doomed to stay inside the air conditioning all summer long? Only time will tell.

Does the sun or heat cause your hives? Let us know in the comments!

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