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This or That: Choose Your Own Chronic Hives Adventure

Living with chronic hives can look and feel different for everyone. Asking questions is a way for us to know what our community is feeling and experiencing, both past and present.

We all remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from childhood, where you could interact with the story and influence the outcome based on your choices. For this article, we would like you to choose your own chronic hives adventure! Your answers could help us better understand the chronic hives experience, and spread awareness.

Choose "This or That" below for each question, and help get the word out!


Some people struggle more often with cold weather, and others with warmth when avoiding triggering their hives. Which temperature have you noticed leads to discomfort? If both hot and cold weather can trigger your hives, let us know which type of weather more often is a problem for you!

This or That

What type of weather more frequently triggers your hives?

Risk factors

More research is needed for the chronic hives community. Some indirect risk factors have been linked to chronic hives (although evidence is weak) such as family history. Does anyone else in your family experience chronic hives?

This or That

Do you have a family history of chronic hives?

Mental health

The emotional impact of chronic hives can result in feelings of embarrassment, isolation, anxiety, and depression. These feelings can stem from stigma, lack of support, treatments that do not provide relief, and more. Has your experience with chronic hives negatively impacted your mental health?

This or That

Does chronic hives negatively impact your mental health?

Other conditions

The time spent traveling to doctor's offices and being treated can be exhausting, especially if you have spent time ruling out other conditions before being diagnosed with chronic hives. Did you experience a diagnosis delay in your chronic hives treatment?

This or That

Was your chronic hives diagnosis delayed?

Did you enjoy choosing your own chronic hives adventure? Would you like to interact with more articles like this? Share with us below!

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