Foods with varying histamine levels including grains, vegetables, fruits, and fish

This or That: Do You Avoid Histamine?

Diet and nutrition can be a hot topic in the chronic hives community. We want to know what you are experiencing in your journey with different foods and chronic hives.

Does seafood trigger your hives? Does dairy feel unsafe? Do certain plant foods make you itch? Does fresh meat help your body? Are bread and pasta the safe zone?

Take a look at our "This or That" questions below (involving foods with high or low histamine), and click on the answers that best represent your diet. Your votes will share a part of your experience with chronic hives!


This or That

Do certain types of seafood trigger your hives?


This or That

Is dairy a trigger for your hives?

Plant foods

This or That

Do plants such as tomatoes, eggplant, spinach and avocado trigger your hives?

Fresh meat

This or That

Is fresh meat a trigger for your hives?

Bread and pasta

This or That

Are bread and pasta trigger-free for you?

Are there any foods high in histamine and not found above that are a major trigger for your chronic hives? We want to know!

Or maybe histamine is not a problem for you? Share your experience with others in the comments below, or start a conversation in our forums about "safe" foods versus triggering foods. You may even have some tried and true recipes you'd like others to hear about. Find the forums here.

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