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Hives gone but still have burning, itching, and stinging

Hello all.
Question. I am doing the Xolair. My hives are gone but I still have burning, stinging, and itching. Xolair reduced the visible hives about 95% but my skin still burns, and sting. Do/did any of you continue to have that issue after hives were not visible anymore. If so please share, what you did and details. Also, any of you get Chronic Urticaria after covid booster.

  1. How long were you getting Xolair shots before you started to see improvement?

    1. Hi snortenbme1,

      In my experience, I took Zyrtec and changed my diet and it took about 2-3 months before I had total relief. I still had the occasional sting while the hives occurrences decreased, but once the hives completely stopped, the stinging left as well.

      I had my covid-booster shot a couple months ago and had no skin reactions.

      -CJ, Community Moderator

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