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Living With Chronic Hives & Other Chronic/Autoimmune Illnesses

In addition to chronic hives, what other chronic and/or autoimmune illnesses are you currently managing? Is the illness causing your chronic hives?

  1. Psoriasis Arthritis. Hypothyroidism, Sjrogrens Syndrome. Amongst other issues.

      1. Exama, Chronic Severe Migraines, Lipomas all over body, asthma, COPD, Thiroid removal, possible fribromilaga, possiblely bipolar

        1. Thyroid disease, pituitary tumor, Psoriatic Arthritis, Sjrogrens. My Hives triggered at the same time as all of these. Severe migraines, Chronic Nausea, Gastritis. And the list goes on and on. Currently on Xolair & Cosentyx

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