Technology and Chronic Hives

Modern problems require modern solutions! So, we asked our health leaders, "Do any devices, apps, or technology in general help you manage your chronic hives? Is there something related to your hives you wish there was an app for?"

A few people described their experiences with technology and chronic hives. And we know there are at least a few apps meant to help people track and treat health conditions. But there is clearly room in the world of technology for assisting those in the chronic hives community.

Response from CJ

"Since I first started experiencing symptoms in 2018, I have taken pictures and documented what I ate, my stress levels, lotions or creams I used, etc. and saved them as emails.

The idea that there would be an app for tracking chronic hives did not occur to me at the time. Apps like Target My Hives would have been helpful to me if I had known about them.

My outbreaks would have been easier to document if I had known about that in advance."

Response from Andressa

"There are no technology support systems yet that I have discovered which I know would help. I hope there is something out there that would help us.

I would wish that there was an app for a support group. Where we could communicate with the CH community with doctors involved so they can answer burning questions."

Living in a time when there are devices and apps for everything, it can be helpful to know what others living with chronic hives have used. Apps like Target My Hives and CRUSE Control may give you some insight into your situation. But always check with your doctor before replacing anything you are currently using to manage your health.

Has technology helped you with chronic hives? Let us know what you've tried in the comments below!

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