This or That: Triggers

Some people living with chronic hives are able to narrow down their triggers for a flare-up. Certain things like heat or cold, physical or mental stress, rich or spicy diets.

Others living with chronic hives struggle with things such as tight clothing and water. Triggers can be unpredictable or even change from one to another, but tracking them is still extremely useful to managing chronic hives.

To get to know our community better, we want to hear straight from you about your commonly experienced triggers, whichever side of the fence you may be on!

Go ahead, let us know in this edition of "This or That":

Hot weather or cold weather

Some people are triggered most with cold weather, and others with heat when managing their chronic hives. Which temperature have you noticed leads to a flare-up? Choose below!

This or That

What type of weather more frequently triggers your hives?

Physical stress or mental stress

The body and mind connection is an interesting one. Some people living with chronic hives may find their mental stress and anxiety will trigger a flare-up, while others may swear against high impact exercise as the physical stress is too much.

Is anxiety a big trigger for you? Or do you avoid a high intensity workout knowing it will lead to a flare-up? Let us know!

This or That

Is physical stress or mental stress a trigger for your chronic hives?

Diet danger zones

Nutrition and diet can be a delicate balancing act when it comes to chronic diseases such as chronic hives. Have you noticed if certain foods are a trigger for your chronic hives? Do you consider rich meals that are high in histamine the danger zone for a flare-up? Or is spiciness what you prefer to avoid, playing it safe to avoid triggering your hives? Share with us!

This or That

Are rich meals high in histamine or spicy foods triggering for you?

Tight clothing

Many living with chronic hives may notice that clothing can have a drastic effect on their flare-ups. The pressure on the skin from tight clothing may trigger your skin and make your hives worse than before. Have you had to alter your wardrobe to accommodate your chronic hives?

This or That

Does tight clothing trigger your chronic hives?

Thank you for joining in this conversation about triggers! Please feel free to share with us more in the comments below if you are comfortable, as others may benefit from or relate to your experience.

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