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Where Are My Hives?

Today I want to tell about strange places where I wondered how it is possible to get itchy. I think every woman who likes dresses realizes how important it is to have a "clean" upper body. When you walk around in a nice dress, the last thing you want is for people to look at your "boobs". I don't mean literally my boobs, but I am mainly referring to my chest.

Red, itchy and uncomfortable

Referring to the photo above, I think you immediately realize how challenging it is to wear a nice dress or blouse when there is such a big red itchy “stain” on your body. I still remember proudly walking into the store with my sleeveless dress. While I was doing extensive shopping, the burning sensation overtook me.

And then you know what comes… burning sensation is the first step, then follows a sea of ​​red eruptions and then the itching! "Well done, Andressa!" I thought to myself. Now I can walk around the store like a big red tomato in my cute dress. Fortunately, the feeling of being uncomfortable soon went away, because I only thought about one thing: this is me! I accept my tomato outbursts, and I happily walk on as if nothing is wrong.

Confidence is key!

Confidence is key: the ability to see the best version of yourself and to be the best version of yourself. But it's taken me a long time to get to this point. Stop worrying when people look strange, ask questions or wonder about everything. A friend once said: "that's a they problem, not a you problem". And I took it over. I am no longer ashamed when I get red spots or itch in strange places. I'm just bummed about the itch, but I'm not going to be uncomfortable and limit myself.

I have to be honest that I got itchy in 2 places where I thought "how is this possible??" Itchy red spots on my knees.

It was such a strange experience. At first, I thought I had bumped into something, because suddenly my knees started to burn and it hurt. Walking around was hurting me. That was a very strange experience. I was wearing long pants so I didn't know what was going on. When I got home, I saw those red spots and, in the evening, it itched so much. The red spots on my knees have been the strangest places I've experienced an outburst so far.

This is weird!

I've been itching in several odd places. It didn't turn red, but I did get a burst of itching and a burning sensation. The strangest place I've been itchy was under my feet. Literally under my feet. I can still see myself itching with my nails, and it felt so weird. I then grabbed a sharper object to scratch a little better. It was so itchy that at one point I put my feet in a bowl of ice-cold water to cool it down. At such times, nothing really helps. Medications don't help, itching and scratching don't help, it's really looking for a way to relax your body. Fit and measure. Slowly but surely, I discovered what helped me to relieve the itch.

The inner peace is really important because when you panic or when it irritates you, it puts more stress on your body.

Where do you experience hives on your body? Can you relate to Andressa's experience? Share with us in the comments below!

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