From Our Family to Yours: Hives During the Holidays

December is one of the most beautiful months of the year for many. This year the holidays are extra special for my family as it is our first Christmas in Orlando, Florida. A very nice time to be extra grateful for the fact that my princess is doing very well with her health, and because of this I am also doing much better as a mother. When your child is sick, you as a parent are also sick.

I've been under a lot less stress these past few months, but I had hoped that my hives would do better. Although I shouldn't be dissatisfied, I do feel a little frustrated at this time of year. For a few weeks now I have had the burning sensation in my face every day and regularly a rash on my face, neck, and arms.

Still looking for the right medication

One of the things I've wondered is why the hives are reporting so aggressively again, but unfortunately, I can't find an answer yet. Luckily, I have found a way to reduce the itching with medicines that do not make me drowsy.

I am still looking for a medicine that will take away the burning sensation. Because there's nothing, I can do about that unfortunately. It's so annoying and the burning sensation comes up a few times a day. As soon as I feel it, I know I'm going to have another burst of itchy red spots.

Be conscious

Trying to write down every day what I do in the hope that I can eventually find my trigger is one of my biggest challenges at the moment:

  • What do I eat (fish, meat, vegetables, fruit)
  • What do I drink in a day and how many liters do I drink in a day (water, juice, soda)
  • What kind of soap do I come into contact with (bathing, washing clothes, washing hands)
  • Which types of paint do I come into contact with (colors and brands of clothing)
  • Cosmetic products: body lotion, face lotion, perfume, make up, etc.
  • Exposure to the heat, sun or cold

Making a decision to stop eating or drinking certain things are sometimes necessary. Even though the allergist told me that my allergy tests are all good, I decided to stop eating certain meat products a few months ago. I don't eat pork or turkey anymore. Just in case....

The intention is that it can eventually dispose of all risk products so that the risk of an attack is reduced.

This is part of my journey and as I said before, I'm grateful so many things.  I won't let the hives take over the X-Mas spirit. We have made nice Christmas plans and we are going to cook and bake together. Recently we went for a drive in Orlando to look at beautiful lighting in the evening hours and the decorations in combination with the beautiful Christmas songs give such a relaxed feeling.

Holiday tips

My X-Mas gift to you is sharing some of my tips with our Chronic Hives community:

  • Enjoy the small things
  • Count the small wins
  • Be aware of the now
  • As I mentioned in an earlier article, I am also involved in mindfulness. This especially helps to be aware of the now present. I’m trying to do my mindfulness practice part of your morning routine.
  • Throughout the day, check in with yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself

Happy Holidays and a Merry Xmas!

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