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Chronic Hives Research Wish List

Those living with chronic hives often feel like there are not enough treatment options, and not enough information backed by research. Research and clinical trials are important to our community, and we wanted to find out exactly what our patient leaders would wish for if they could choose a focus for researchers studying chronic hives.

As one of our patient leaders stated below, knowledge is power. The more we share, the more progress that can be made.

Research wish lists

Reply from Ambre

Treatment or better management. I feel like there’s really no or minimal research in this. It’s incredibly frustrating just how few treatment options there are for chronic hives. So many that are newly diagnosed feel frustrated because of the lack of information available.

Having resources available with information is so needed in our community. I would participate in a clinical trial, as long as i didn’t have to stop my current treatment. Stopping my current treatment would be miserable and impact so many other things.

Reply from Andressa

I believe that it is very important to do research with the focus on: family history, triggers, allergies, treatment and environment. And maybe also the relationship between chronic hives and other health conditions. Yes, I would love to participate in a clinical trial.

I believe that knowledge is power. And I want to be part of that journey to help myself and others to heal from chronic hives.

Reply from CJ

As a person living with type 1 diabetes and chronic hives, I would love to see a focus on this particular connection and research the trigger that causes the chronic hives and other skin conditions that results in type 1 diabetes. I haven’t participated in any clinical trials, but I would absolutely participate in that trial!

Reply from Christy

Like many other conditions, I don’t feel like there is a lot known about chronic hives. Chronic hives can take on so many forms and be caused by so many different things. I know that many people struggle to identify what causes their hives, but there is never a straightforward answer. I wish research could help narrow down the different causes of hives, but that seems unattainable right now.

While there are a few good treatments for hives, I feel like there could be more research into the mechanisms that lead to hives, and consequently, specific testing to determine those pathways in people with chronic hives. This would allow more targeted research and potentially help pinpoint the cause of hives for some people.

Reply from Lynn

I participate in medical studies, and clinical trials, annually. It is a way to access treatments that are not yet available to the public, and feel good that you are contributing to the greater good of your medical community. Who knows…the research which you supported could be the change you wish to see in the world!

What do you wish chronic hives research would focus on? Have you participated in a clinical trial? Share with us below!

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