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Current health leaders

Christy Amos

As a chronic illness sufferer, chronic hives is fairly new to Christy’s list of medical problems. She started having symptoms more than four years ago, but wasn’t diagnosed until a few years later. Read more.

Darcy Bonjour

Darcy Bonjour had dreams of living on a little farm with a llama. Instead she lives in a little town with a Yorkiepoo named Archie that won’t snuggle with her. Read more.

Allyson Cannon

Allyson Cannon has been fighting Chronic Hives since she turned 33. She has battled this auto-immune challenge alongside Hashimoto’s since December 2021. Since her diagnosis, she has met with multiple providers and specialists to treat this frustrating condition Read more.

Andressa Hunsel

Andressa is a mother, stepmother and wife and has recently moved to the sunny state of Florida. Before that she lived in New Jersey, but it was way too cold there. Read more.

Lynn Julian

Lynn Julian is an Award-winning Author/Speaker/Advocate, who suffered a disabling stage accident, and then, mere months after her six-year-long recovery, became an injured survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing. Lynn wears more hats than a Hydra has heads! Read more.

Elisa Marchand

Elisa is a work-from-home wife and mom of four kids. In addition to being a Patient Leader, she is a travel agent specializing in travel for people with chronic health conditions. Elisa has dealt with chronic hives for the last few years, with her condition worsening alongside mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and severe eosinophilic asthma. Read more.

Kelly Miller

Kelly lived a joyously hive-free life until a few years ago when hives of all shapes and sizes started making daily appearances on different parts of her body. Through lots of trial and error, Kelly has gotten better at managing triggers and learning how to live with chronic hives. Read more.

Ambra Minty

Ambre is a mom, advocate, and writer. She has lived with Chronic Hives since 2014. She has written about her journey with chronic illness, feeding tubes, and home parenteral nutrition (HPN) on her blog, “Living with Dysautonomia.” Read more.

CJ Walker

CJ’s chronic hives journey began in July 2018 when she started experiencing outbreaks from an unknown source. Two months later, she was diagnosed with idiopathic urticaria. Read more.

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